The growing importance of infrastructure investment to stimulate the real economy

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Stefania Pisu, part of the specialized Investor Relations team at Generali Global Infrastructure (GGI), on growing importance of infrastructure investment to stimulate the real economy.
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Stefania Pisu

Stefania Pisu

Stefania Pisu is part of the specialized Generali Global Infrastructure (GGI) Investor Relations team. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, before joining the GGI team Stefania was Senior Investor Relator at AXA IM Real Assets Paris. During the course of her career she has held positions at well-known financial institutions such as MSCI Barra in London and Lyxor AM in Paris. She holds a political science degree from the University of Cagliari.

How has the crisis affected the infrastructure market?

Infrastructure is highly counter-cyclical. It’s a solid asset class and one of the few, especially at times of economic uncertainty, that can combine public and private investment to inject immediate momentum into the economy and bring about long-term financial and extra-financial benefits. For governments around the world, the current market environment presents an excellent opportunity to accelerate important structural changes, like energy transition and digitalization, that go hand in hand with infrastructure investment. 

In spite of the crisis, the market has remained active, with a solid pipeline of investment opportunities – some of them more profitable than before the pandemic hit – in essential infrastructure sectors such as renewable energy, telecommunications, and social infrastructure. 

Between now and 2035 the European Union will need an estimated €2 trillion in infrastructure funding, yet public finances are weakened and banks are less and less able to support such needs. Private capital, therefore, is indispensable while offering substantial returns.

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Generali Global Infrastructure ǀ The growing importance of infrastructure investment to stimulate the real economy
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