COVID-19 UPDATE Facts & Figures - 29/07/2021

In Short

Starting next week, the UK will lift compulsory quarantine for fully vaccinated visitors from the EU and the US.


  • July 28: 575,406 7-day average new cases, compared to 519,305 a week ago and 377,273 a month ago. Now
  • confirmed 195,902,638 cases worldwide vs 191,874,794 cases last week.
  • 4,187,479 people have died (2.1% of confirmed cases) and 176,407,669 have recovered (90.0%).
  • Europe: 52,550,368 cases; 7-day avg growth of 123,893 vs 124,876 a week ago and 36,525 a month ago.
  • USA: 34,672,690 cases; 7-day avg growth of 63,698 vs 39,939 a week ago and 12,318 a month ago.
  • Vaccines: around 4.01 billion doses have been administered globally, of which 343 million in the USA and 459 million
  • in the EU. 109 vaccines are in clinical evaluation and 184 vaccines are in preclinical evaluation.

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