Fostering positive change through investments

The Generali Group

Generali leverages its role as a key global institutional investor and asset manager to apply strict ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria to the Group’s investments. This commitment started in 2006 and is designed to have a significant impact on economies in which the Group operates, allowing Generali to try to actively influence areas such as environmental protection, respect for human rights and clear and transparent governance.


"Simply put, we strive to foster positive change trough investments."

At an operational level, we have drawn up principles, processes and criteria to identify, evaluate and ensure continuous monitoring of the issuers in our investment portfolio that are most exposed to ESG risks. These criteria are reviewed and updated annually, and used to assign specific scores to the investments we make. We also analyze non-financial risks that may have an impact on company share prices, engaging with companies to address them.


Year since the Ethical filter1) was applied to the Generali Group investments

Today this commitment is more important than ever, as the world struggles with multiple crises – financial, social, ecological and more – even more emphasized by the Covid-19 pandemic. Acting as a lifetime partner to investors around the world, we believe our focus on socially responsible investing and the application of ESG guidelines will translate to better, more sustainable societies wherever we operate.

Generali Investments

Generali Investments is backed by and shares this strong Group Commitment to Sustainability, a combination of ESG criteria, ethical parameters and guidelines that establish a benchmark companies in the Group aspire to meet and, wherever possible, exceed.

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Direct investment under the Generali Group’s proprietary Responsible Investment Guidelines.

Generali Investments further refines application of this commitment through a vast range of conscientious SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) approaches, adopted by the boutiques united through our multi-boutique platform. Indeed, the broad range of specialized investment skills and capabilities present in each boutique are in line with the vision and commitment of the Generali Group. As per their investment approaches, each boutique maintains its autonomy to apply ESG parameters and operates within its dedicated SRI mission and framework.

"Our ambition? To promote and lead sustainable investing in asset management."

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Shareholders’ Meetings in which the Group has participated (in 2019)
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voted resolutions, 13% against (in 2019)

We believe that capital invested should maximize both financial and extra-financial performance. Our goal is to help our investors identify and channel capital into strategies that are compatible with and contribute to sustainable development, based on their own needs and without sacrificing profitability.

1) Applying the Group Ethical Filter is part of the discretionary evaluation of the investment manager and the results of such evaluation are confidential.