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Early data seem to show that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies are proving resilient during this turbulent time and investors are showing even greater interest towards this topic. Trusting that you will find it of interest, here below we share content from our boutiques’ experts and provide you with an update on our ESG offer.


Corporate Responsibility | Sycomore Asset Management
A Moment of Truth

Pushed to its very limits, mankind reveals its true nature. As the health, economic and market crisis unfolds, and at a time when maximizing profits and shareholder returns is no longer the priority, the sincerity of corporate responsibility is being put to test. As described in this paper by Sycomore – our boutique pioneer in sustainable investments in Europe.

Generali Investments SICAV Euro Green & Sustainable Bond
Investing today for a better tomorrow

Green business is good business. Global green bond issuance climbed by nearly 50% last year* and it is set to continue its growth as investors’ demand for more sustainable investments with a real impact on society is increasing. Our Fund Managers will share their views on this booming global market and the opportunities it offers – read the full interview!


Sycomore Shared Growth
Positive impact: focus on companies that offer solutions to the major global societal challenge

Due to the selection criteria inbuilt in the strategy – the sustainability of a company’s growth based on its positive societal impact – the quality stocks that we seek have proven resilient in the current contest and their potential growth is even boosting. Download the fund monthly review and find out the main contributors of the positive performance, in relative terms vs. the benchmark.


Generali Investments SICAV SRI Ageing Population
Transform a major trend into an investment opportunity

The ageing of the world’s population phenomenon is a megatrend not called into question by the Covid-19 crisis. In this latest interview, the Fund Managers have identified three reasons in support of this conviction – read the article to find out more.



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*Source: Climate Bond Initiative, 2020