How to tackle
Emerging Markets?

Introducing the
Aperture New World Opportunities Fund

We are pleased to introduce Aperture Investors LLC, one of Generali Investments’ boutiques*, and its Aperture New World Opportunities Fund investing in Emerging Markets.

Emerging Markets offer a lot of opportunities, with more than 75 countries, sovereign ratings from AAA to default and including extremely wealthy and some of the world’s poorest countries. However, with growing markets for foreign exchange, local bonds, hard currency etc., they have become a complex asset class mix.

The Aperture New World Opportunities Fund offer investors the chance to benefit from the various opportunities in the regions, while reducing risks.

Watch Peter Marber, Portfolio Manager, introduce Aperture New World Opportunities Fund:

“We used to think that investing in emerging market countries was
very risky. In my opinion, the
biggest risk in emerging markets
today is NOT investing in them.”
How to tackle Emerging Markets? - Introducing the Aperture New World Opportunities Fund

Peter Marber

Chief Investment Officer e Portfolio Manager Aperture New World Opportunities Fund


  • Invests in various asset classes with a focus on Emerging Markets
  • Strives for alpha in both positive and negative environments
  • Profits from Peter Marber’s decade-long experience in Emerging Markets investing
  • Launch date: 2 January 2019
  • AuM: $643.72m USD (31 May 2019)
  • ISIN: LU1924354712
  • Structure: Luxembourg UCITS
  • ETF-like ongoing fees plus performance fee

Management Company: Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A.
Investments Manager: Aperture Investors LLC



by Peter Marber


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Aperture Investors LLC,based in New York, is a joint venture between Generali Group and Peter Kraus, former Chairman and CEO of AllianceBernstein.


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