Generali Investments SICAV Euro Green & Sustainable Bond

Investing today for a better tomorrow


Bonds to support construction of electric vehicle charging stations, or to help build solar energy farms. Bonds that help finance water reclamation projects, reduce pollution levels and create energy-efficient infrastructures…

In today’s world, green business is good business. Why not invest where your money can make a tangible, positive impact on society and the environment?

Introducing the new GIS Euro Green & Sustainable Bond sub-fund, an eco-friendly, intelligent way to invest in a world we all share. Eco-friendly, because the fund finances independently-certified “green” projects; intelligent, because today’s green bonds are a growing and attractive asset class.

The GIS Euro Green & Sustainable Bond sub-fund is a natural evolution of the Generali Group’s strong commitment to green investments. The Generali Group has been working since 2018 to support the Just Transition, climate change remediation, social impact migration and more.

It is also one of Europe’s major players in fixed income, with extensive experience managing euro-denominated fixed-income assets (+€405bn in AuM as of end of December 2019*).

The GIS Euro Green & Sustainable Bond sub-fund invests primarily in euro-denominated green and sustainable investment-grade bonds and is designed to outperform its benchmark, the Bloomberg MSCI Euro Green Bond Index.


Mauro Valle, CFA
Mauro Valle, CFA

Head of Fixed Income, Lead fund manager

24 years of experience

Mauro has been working for the Generali Group since 1994 as a manager of third-party government bond portfolios and has garnered over 24 years of investing experience. He has worked as Head of Fixed Investments at Generali Investments Partners S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio since October 2018. Previously he worked at Banca Commerciale Italia (now Intesa Sanpaolo) in Milan, and JP Morgan Asset Management in London. He holds a degree in business administration from Clemson University (South Carolina, USA), and a degree in economics from the University of Trieste (Trieste, Italy).

Mauro is rated “A” by Citywire for management of GIS Euro Short Term Bonds and GIS Euro Bonds (1/3 year).**

Fabrizio Viola, CFA
Fabrizio Viola, CFA

Fixed Income Portfolio manager, Deputy fund manager

19 years of experience   

Fabrizio has been working for Generali Investments since June 2002 and has over 19 years of investing experience. He manages corporate bond portfolios for third party clients and mark-to-market products. Previously he worked for IBM Global Services (finance department) in Milan. Viola earned an MBA from the MIB School of Management in Trieste (Trieste, Italy) and holds a degree in economics from the University of Udine (Udine, Italy).


  • an active investment approach focusing on the selection of Investment Grade Green and Sustainable Bonds;
  • a comprehensive screening at levels and through different expertise:
    • ESG ETHICAL FILTER: application of our proprietary ethical filter*** identifying and screening potential ESG controversies affecting issuers
    • ESG ELIGIBLITY: mainly green bonds eligible to the index based on MSCI ESG Research’s “4 Green Bond Principles”. Marginal use of external database rating screening for bonds not included in the benchmark
    • ESG RISK: additional ESG risk ratings provided by Sustainalytics, monitoring issuers’ ESG criteria and green bond issuance
  • a top-down and bottom-up financial analysis (duration, yield curve, sectors, credit analysis, DTS).


Generali Investments SICAV Euro Green & Sustainable Bond


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* Source: Generali Investments Partners S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, as of end of December 2019.

** Citywire Fund Manager Rating as at 15.01.2020. Source: For more information about the methodology, please refer to the website:

***Applying the Group Ethical Filter is part of the discretionary evaluation of the investment manager and the results of such evaluation are confidential.

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