Sycomore Shared Growth sub-fund

Sycomore Shared Growth

Positive impact: focus on companies that offer solutions to the major global societal challenge

  • Key Features
  • SRI labelled European thematic equity sub-fund, with a very defensive long-only management style.
  • Track record of almost 18 years.
  • Since its launch, the sub-fund has remained very resilient in periods of high volatility: 2011, 2016, 2018 and March 2020.
  • YTD performance -3.9% vs -15.7% of the Euro Stoxx TR.
  • Historic Beta (3 years): 0.66.
  • Annualized volatility (3 years): 13.4%.
  • The management style follows the GARP model (i.e. growth at a reasonable price): the investment process focuses on Growth stocks, but with not overpriced and resilient valuations. Shared, because managers focus on companies that can have a positive impact on society.
  • In addition, Sycomore decided to dedicate part of the management fees generated by the fund to non-profit institutions that support projects of high social value.
  • Performance of the sub-fund
As of 31 May, 2020
SI (24 Jun, 2002)
Sub-fund (Eur I Acc.)

Performance data shown represents past performance and is no guarantee of, and not necessarily indicative of, future results. No express or implied liability or guarantee is assumed that the future performance will correspond to the performance described above. The value of and income from fund units or sub-fund units (“Units”) may fluctuate, rise or fall, so you may have a gain or a loss when the Units are sold. The performance of and income from the Units have to be reduced by costs and taxes. Current performance may be higher or lower than the quoted and no guarantee can be assumed that the investment objectives of the fund/sub-fund will be achieved.

Sycomore Shared Growth sub-fund
Frédéric Ponchon has nearly 20 years of experience in asset management. After more than 6 years at Louvre Gestion, he joined Sycomore Asset Management in 2005 as Partner and Senior Portfolio manager. Frédéric specializes in investing in sustainable growth stocks. He manages Sycomore Shared Growth, a SRI-labelled fund that invests in stocks that have or are aiming for a positive societal impact. Graduated from Neoma Business School and SFAF, he holds a CFA degree.
Fund Facts
Management Company and Investments Manager
Sycomore AM
Fund Manager
Frédéric Ponchon
€371 mln (May 31st, 2020)
Inception date
June 24th, 2002
Share Class
I EUR Acc.
Euro Stoxx Total Return
Management fees
Performance fees
20% > benchmark
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Sycomore Shared Growth
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Sycomore Shared Growth sub-fund

Sycomore is part of Generali Investments’ multi-boutique platform.

Founded in 2001, Sycomore Asset Management is an investment firm driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Sycomore has been committed to delivering long-term returns by identifying the levers that enable a company to generate sustainable value.  The firm’s expertise draws on a fieldwork approach and a proprietary corporate fundamental analysis model including financial and extra-financial criteria. Its team of 21 analysts-fund managers, including 7 ESG specialists, focus on assessing the overall performance of a company with respect to its stakeholders: shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers, civil society and the environment.  Since 2015, Sycomore AM has expanded its range of social, societal and environmental impact funds: Sycomore [email protected], dedicated to human capital; Sycomore Eco Solutions, with a focus on natural capital; Sycomore Shared Growth, specialised in societal capital. Recently, the firm launched Sycomore Next Generation, a fund committed to providing a better future for the next generations. Sycomore AM is, amongst others, a member of the French and Italian SIF, the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) and the IIGCC (Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change). The investment firm is continuing its work on quantifying environmental and social impacts.